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We offer you the possibility to have your own automated strategies (bots) to use on Betfair, if you have a profitable strategy or if you simply want to try out new strategies, put us to the test.


Another HUGE advantage is that, almost every strategy will allow you acess to a virtual bank account, you can use it over and over again.


You decide when its time to change to real mode, you decide when its time to start risking your own precious money.


With our services, we open up a new world of possibilities in terms of sports betting.


3rd party service
3rd party service
3rd party service

Lay The Draw


Our main focus is to build bots for our clients when they provide us with the strategy, despite that, we have one that we can rent, simply because it is totally customizable by you.



We have a great promotion in our Lay Draw bot, click HERE for more information or simply request your bot HERE.


Now Only 20£ per month

Bot On Demand

If you want to transform your manual strategy into an automated strategy (bot) for Betfair, you have come to the right place.

A bot can monitor dozens of markets, hundreds of conditions at once, a human will never be able to do that.

If you like simplicity then it wont get simplier than this, just load all the games (markets) of the day and let the bot do all the work.

If a game meets all your requirements then the bot will be executed.

It is true that not all strategies can be implemented in a bot, but most of them can.

Ask us and we will tell you if it can be done.


The Soccer Oracle


This service is capable of taking us to another level in the betting world.

It provides us a magnificent tool, with innovative and highly effective techniques of trading in football.

3rd party service

Bot available for this service

With the option to use the systems bot, togheter with our picks you can just relax and watch your bankroll grow.


Click HERE for more information about the Oracle.


​​​The best automatic betting tool for Betfair online exchange, ​​​​​you will need it to run our bots.


If you click in the image below, register in MarketFeeder using the word mensalbot, in the promocional code, you will get 60 days free trial instead of just 30 days.


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